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corporate social reporting and sustainability
zero carbon emissions
cash-flow accounting
performance management and public-private partnerships
COVID-19 and its impact on Health in Turkey and Education and Food Supply Chain in Estonia
The accounting group is active in a number ofrelated research fields, using both quantitativeand qualitative research methods. The groupfocuses on the roles of accounting in significantcurrent economic, social and political issues facing our society such as climate change, Covid-19 pandemic, Security of Food Supply Chains, Carbon emissions.The key research themes the group focuses on areaccountability, governance, sustainability andcontrol, which are in line with the university’sresearch priority areas of Future Governance.The research is multi- and interdisciplinary, anduses critical research methods to explore someof the above research themes.The group has active and growing links with professional accounting institutions both in Estoniaand worldwide and is also actively consultingEstonian government institutions (Ministriesof Finance, Defence etc.) on their strategic development and training programmes of theirmembers.
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