Finance and the digital economy: financial behaviour, markets, and competitiveness

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financial intermediation
financial economics
behavioural finance
The research group seeks to contribute to theinternational academic literature that dealswith contemporary topics in financial economics. Special attention is paid to the emergingtopics related to digitalisation in finance (e.g.,crowdfunding, ICOs, cryptocurrencies, digitalwallets, robo-advisory) as well as to the businessmodels and ecosystems of FinTechs and sustainable finance. The research is also linked to thefields of industrial organisation and economicdevelopment, innovation, technological changeand growth. Traditional and behavioural finance theoriesare utilised to investigate topics related tocorporate finance, household finance, financialmarkets, and banking with the aim of enhancingthe understanding of the financial behaviour ofindividuals, firms and financial intermediaries,and the linkages between them (mainly in theEuropean context). Interdisciplinary approach isused to address questions related to business, legal and technological aspects of digitalisation infinance and its economic impact for determiningthe factors needed for improving the competitiveness and performance of the national economiesthrough the employment of suitable regulativemeasures.
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