International relations, security, law and technology

Research classification (Frascati)
Political science 5.6
Head of the research group
cyber and information security
international relations and technological challenges
economic security
political economy
international law
European Union
history of science
The research topics are related to internationalrelations, international security and technology.‚ International relations: Internationalconflicts (post-Soviet space, Middle East).Political and societal reforms of the European Union; the future of NATO; international relations in post-truth environment;East-Asia and Pacific region.‚ International security: Informationwarfare and strategic communication;cyber threats and counter-activities; culture of fear; strategic narratives; hybridthreats; energy security.‚ Technology: Information security anddigital influence operations; internet andinternational relations; political and legalaspects of artificial intellect.Senior lecturer Peeter Müürsepp is active in anindependent field of research: history of science,philosophy of science.
Important results
Mölder, H.; Voinea, C. F.; Sazonov, V. (2023). Cultural Change in Political Communities. The Impact of Populism and Extremism on the International Security Environment. Cham: Springer Nature.
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