Wear resistant composites and coatings

Research classification (Frascati)
Head of the research group
ceramic-based composite
cemented carbide
ceramic-matrix composite
composite hardfacing
wear resistance
corrosion resistance
The R&D activities of the research group havebeen focused mainly on the following researchtopics and related industrial applications: (a)Co- and Ni-free WC-based cemented carbideswith alternative (considering critical materialssupply, environmental safety and healthcareaspects) Fe-based metallic binders; (b) W-free,TiC- and Ti(C,N)-based cermets with alternativeFe-based binders; (c) ceramic-matrix compositesbased on refractory compounds of Ti; (d) Fe-basedcomposite hardfacings; (e) diamond-based thincoatings.
Important results
‚ technology of Co- and Ni-free WC-FeMnand TiC-FeCr composites;‚ technology of TiN- and TiCN-based ceramic-matrix composites;‚ advancement of diamond coatings for awide range of conditions;‚ enhancement of functional properties ofthin PVD coatings.
Period of activity of the research group
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