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mobility and transport planning
supply chain planning
The research group focuses on the followingresearch directions:‚ Eco-friendly vehicles.Contact: Jüri Lavrentjev,juri.lavrentjev@taltech.eeThe research aims at reducing the environmental impact of vehicles. The main research objectis vehicle-generated noise produced by both anindividual vehicle and traffic flow. The design ofan individual vehicle explores the possibilitiesfor creating and deploying new and more effective noise absorbing materials. In the appliedresearch, the focus is also on new types of liquidfuel, their technical and economic problems.‚ Mobility engineering and traffic planning.Contact: Dago Antov,dago.antov@taltech.eeTransport, mobility and traffic related studies are aimed to find the possibilities of safe,seamless and sustainable mobility, the studyof the interlinkages between urban logisticsand transport and space use. Besides the aforementioned, the keywords include sustainablemobility and sustainable transport, includingpublic transport in the city, region, country andinternationally, traffic forecasting, transportstudies, mobility schemes, transport networkanalysis and transport system planning, roadsafety and surveillance.‚ Logistics. Contact: Kati Kõrbe Kaare,kati.korbe@taltech.eeThe research relates to smart logistics, freightsecurity, transport pricing and network performance measurement.‚ Supply chain engineering.Contact: Eduard Shevchenko,eduard.sevtsenko@taltech.eeThe studies are related to value chain analysis,supply chain collaboration, sustainable supplychain and demand forecasting.
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