Laboratory of fuel and air emission analysis

Chemical engineering research and development center (until August 31, 2022)
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thermodynamic properties
multicomponent mixtures
vapor pressure
The research group carries out studies of thermodynamic properties of pure organic compounds,mixtures, and pyrolysis oils (shale oil and bio-oil).Additionally, there is a strong expertise in thestudies of thermal behavior of solids and liquids(calorimetry and thermogravimetriy) and the parameters (molar mass distribution, rheological properties) and thermal stability of variousmixtures of organic substances (oils, resins,polymers).The group’s activities are closely intertwinedwith the work of the Sustainable Energy andFuels Research Group. There is also a strongcollaboration with Virumaa College.The group’s recent research activities are relatedto the following topics:‚ Measurements of vapor pressures of shaleoil fractions;‚ Measurement of vapor pressures of phenolic compounds;‚ Modelling of vapor pressures of mixtures;‚ Studies of co-pyrolysis
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