Road engineering and geodesy research group

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The main research topics of the Road Engineering and Geodesy research group are as follows:‚ Research on stabilized pavement layers;‚ Development of methodology for elasticpavement design;‚ Research on the road construction materials (bitumen, fillers, asphalt mixes, etc.);‚ Analysis of increase in traffic and itsimpact, traffic safety (road safety auditing and inspection, road network impactanalysis, safety analysis, etc.);‚ Development of the calculation method forsteel tube bridges based on the interactionbetween arc and soil;‚ Development of bridge managing systemsand life cycle calculation for bridges;‚ Specification of the load bearing capacityfor Soviet era standard reinforced concrete bridges according loadings based onEurocode;‚ Geoid modelling research with emphasison the Nordic-Baltic region;‚ Development of geodetic infrastructure(e.g. establishment/validation of gravitydatabases, geoid modelling computations,mean sea surface modelling, studies ofshipborne GNSS to evaluate geoid modelsat sea) for finalizing hydrographic surveysin the Baltic Sea;‚ Development of technological solutions forcombining different spatial data acquisition sensors in a mobile platform and corresponding data processing;‚ Geodetic SAR for Baltic Height SystemUnification and studies for marine processes;‚ Assessment of existing structures based onvisual inspections, non-destructive testingor analytical models. Analysis of optimalintervention and inspection planning; ‚ Development of transport planning specifications with enhancement of informationabout infrastructure and heavy equipmenttransportation needs based on validationof load testing results;‚ Investigation of specifications for concretestructures service life beyond 100 years onroad infrastructure with development ofdurability assessment methodology.
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Department of civil engineering and architecture