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The Mining and Mineral Resources Researchgroup is responsible for research and development activities in the fields of mining scienceand engineering at TalTech. The mission of thegroup is to help young engineers and geoscientists to develop necessary skills for sustainableand safe development, extraction and closure ofEstonia’s mineral resources. The research anddevelopment activities of the group take placethrough both public and private sector fundedprojects. Activities in 2021 were related to twoHorizon2020 projects (SUMEX, RE-SOURCING), 12 EIT Raw Materials network projectsand several applied studies. The group worksclosely with partner universities in Australia,Germany, Austria and Finland.The core competencies of the group include:‚ Design of mining and mineral processingtechnologies‚ Finding and evaluating resource efficiencymeasures and technical solutions‚ Quantitative resource evaluation andmineral economics‚ Mining environmental impact and remediation, mine waste management, circulareconomy and social sustainability.
Important results
From 2021 the study by Puthiya Veetil et al.(2021) should be highlighted. For the first time,the development of a Ca-based CO2 capture sorbent from a limestone-rich mine waste via aqueous mineral carbonation was evaluated. Resultsof laboratory experiments showed that at normalpressure and temperature, the CO2 uptake capacity of the sorbent directly from the exhaust gasreaches 80% and shows a great prospect for thismethod in Estonia and beyond.
Robam, K.; Hand, T.; Karu, V. (2023). WHY T-SHAPED ENGINEERS IN THE MINING SECTOR ARE VITAL FOR PROGRESS. Environment. Technology. Resources. Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, 2, 193−195. DOI: 10.17770/etr2023vol2.7269
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