Energy economics and high voltage engineering research group

Head of the research group
green energy economy
technology applicability and investment profitability analyses
economic and technical modelling of power system and electricity market
high voltage
partial discharges
The research team specializes in energy systemsby looking and taking into account the differentcomponents and challenges that the energy market consists of in today’s society. By conductingvarious analysis, the team is able to create orderand gain insight into the complex field of energyforecasting.In everyday practice, the team has vast resourcesof information on the Estonian energy systemand by implementing it with modelling softwarelike Balmorel, LEAP, EnergyPro and TIMES, itis possible to make breakthroughs and defineconclusions on the economic aspects and thefuture of the energy system.The energy economics research team is able tocreate complicated models, which take into account possible future technologies and trendsin order to help assess the economic aspect of new power plants and their competitiveness intomorrow’s market.The research team has raised its internationalcompetence in the fields of technology applicability and real investment profitability analysis.An additional area of research is the digitalization of the energy sector, where the focus is onleveraging climate finance/green investments andmodernizing the electricity market design withproducts and services based on new technologies.The High Voltage research laboratory activitiesare focused on the studies of the high voltageinsulation and applications associated with thehigh voltages and strong electrical fields. Mostresearch is related to the insulators and insulation used in power lines, both overhead and cablelines are studied. Another scope of research is theeffects of high loading, nonlinear loads and powerquality to high voltage equipment (transformers,cable power lines etc.).
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