Research group of metalloproteomics

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Wilson’s disease
The Research Group of Metalloproteomics is focused on the following topics: (1) structural andfunctional studies of metalloproteins participating in homeostasis of biometals: zinc, copper andiron by methods like NMR, ESI MS, ICP MS,fluorescence ja UV-VIS spectroscopy; (2) the role of biometals: zinc, copper and iron on fibrillization as well as on in vitro and in vivo toxicity ofamyloigogenic peptides linked with Alzheimer’sdisease; (3) design of new metal-chelating ligandsand elaboration of metal-chelating therapeuticstrategies for Wilsons and Alzheimer’s disease.Professor Palumaa is a member of the EuropeanMolecular Biology Organization (EMBO).
Important results
The most important achievements of the research group during last year were connectedwith the elucidation of the influence of α-lipoicacid on cellular copper metabolism and evaluation of its therapeutic potential in Alzheimer’sdisease insect models.
Period of activity of the research group
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