Research group on dynamics of gradient systems

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submesoscale processes
micro litter
innovative observing and analysis methods
The research is focused on multiscale physicalprocesses that influence the biogeochemicalcycles of substances and control the transportand mixing in the stratified Baltic Sea, including the hypoxic layer and redoxcline. The mainfocus is on sub-mesoscale processes, their localand large-scale impact on water and matterexchange between the sub-basins, coastal andopen sea and vertically between the water layersthat influence the dynamics of the spring bloom,mixotrophic organisms and carbon fluxes. Marine ecology studies focus on pelagic and benthicprimary producers, benthic invertebrates, theirdynamics and role, and impact of micro-litter andhazardous substances on marine biota. The main method is field studies using theresearch vessel Salme and autonomous instruments based on new technologies, including aunique bottom-mounted profiling station andan underwater glider. Numerical modeling isused for process-oriented studies. For the watersample analyses flow-cytometry, spectroscopy,microscopy, and metagenomics are used.
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