Smart district heating systems and integrated assessment analysis of greenhouse gases emissions

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4th generation district heating
district cooling
low temperature district heating
primary energy factors
thermal energy storage
The group deals with: (1) the developmentof new technical solutions for the transitionof district heating (DH) systems towards anintelligent, highly efficient and regenerativeenergy supply concept and (2) integratedassessment analysis of greenhouse gas emissions.The group’s recent research activities are connected with the analysis of:‚ The heat supply option of a low temperature district heating network from thereturn line of a well-established high temperature district heating system.‚ The impact of return temperature reduction on a high temperature district heatingsystem.‚ Existing large-scale DH system transitiontowards 4th generation DH. ‚ 5th generation district heating.‚ Seawater based district cooling.‚ Integration of large heat pumps into DHsystems.‚ CO2 emissions from district heating.‚ Calculation of primary energy factors fordistrict heating and cooling.
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