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fiscal governance
public sector financial management
financial regulation
The group studies the developments of fiscalgovernance in Europe with specific focus on thespread of new budgeting principles (participatory budgeting), the impact of fiscal crisis, theevolution of institutional and discursive context.The unique specialization of the group has beento study the impact of fiscal and financial policybureaucracies (its structure, principles of policycoordination and learning, etc.) on fiscal andfinancial policies in the Baltic Sea area and EUas a whole. This is a relatively novel theoreticalas well as empirical focus since the countries ofthe region are financially and politically highlyinterlinked but have also asymmetrical economicrelations and politico-administrative differences.The group is relatively young (Prof. Raudla waselected full professor only in 2014), but it hasalready gained global recognition for its researchwork, e.g. Prof. Raudla is in the editorial board ofGovernance (the leading journal on governanceand institutional analysis), in addition to sevenother international academic journals. She leadsthe Permanent Working Group on Fiscal Governance and Administration at IIAS (a governanceand public administration research society withthe widest reach globally).The key focus of the group was on the implementing of the research project “Experimentalapproaches and institutional innovations in thedomains of fiscal and financial policy” (PRG1125,funded by the Estonian Research Council). Theresearch group participates actively in JeanMonnet Network project VISTA, which dealswith the challenges in European integration.
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