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The e-Governance group focuses on the socialscience analysis of the most important developments in e-Governance, both for Estonia andglobally: the development of user- and citizencentric e-governments, the transparency andcost-effectiveness of e-voting systems, the useof new modern identity management technologies in the public sector, the use of open data ingovernment.The group coordinated one of the largest e-government and public sector innovation project in theEU and H2020, the Once Only Principle, TOOP(www.toop.eu), which developed technical architectures and management systems to facilitateautomated exchange of data between differentgovernment institutions of EU member statesand thereby to increase the effectiveness andagility of EU’s governments and bring closer toreality the ideal of the European Single DigitalMarket. In 2020, Prof. Robert Krimmer was elected as ERA-chair in e-governance at University of Tartu and in 2021 the members of theresearch group joined other groups of Taltech.
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