Microfluidics group

TalTech priority area
droplet microfluidics
digital microfluidics
Microfluidics enables conducting of biological andchemical experiments in very small volumes offluids. In basic and applied research, the volumesused in experiments usually range from 1 litre to1 microlitre. Microfluidic devices allow automating, controlling, and performing tests using evensmaller volumes. Manufacturing of microfluidicdevices is multidisciplinary, including the fieldsof mechanics, IT, engineering, material science,chemistry, and many others.
Important results
Gyimah, N.; Scheler, O.; Rang, T.; Pardy, T. (2023). Deep reinforcement learning-based digital twin for droplet microfluidics control. Physics of Fluids, 35 (8), ARTN 082020. DOI: 10.1063/5.0159981.
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