Companies' productivity, investments and export competitiveness

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The line of research pursues micro-level or regional comparative empirical studies. The mainresearch focuses are related to capital and labour productivity, innovation, investments andcompetitiveness for explaining the economicgrowth in small, open and export-oriented economies. The aim is to investigate the drivers andobstacles of companies’ productivity enhancinginvestments into adoption of new technologiesand production processes, training of employees,R&D and innovation.The line of investigation seeks for a betterunderstanding on regional convergence issueswhile integrating the spatial aspects and institutional factors into the research framework.The research aims at new evidence on digital innovation and digital empowerment and ontheir effect on productivity growth and economic welfare. The research employs advancedeconometric techniques and contributes to policymaking while providing evidence based quantitative estimations on the impact of macro- andbusiness-environmental factors and individuals’and companies’ decisions and incentives thathave an effect on productivity, innovation andexport competitiveness.
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