Legal policy and normative framework of EU digital market and technologies and it's application in partner countries

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law and technology
EU legal policy
artificial intelligence and law
regulating digital services
The research topics are related to law and technology and transfer of knowledge of legal skills.‚ Law and eTechnologies: e-residency,cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, 3Dprinting, software agents, digital evidence, artificial intelligence legal policiesand modern technologies. Privacy law.Cyber security. Ethics of law and technology. General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), human rights in European digitalera. Rights and duties of digital e-trading.‚ ICT law: freedom of expression, e-governance, regular legal analysis of media andcommunications legislations.
Important results
Kerikmäe, T. (2022). Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision making in Public & Private Sector. e-Governance and Digital Transformation. Strathmore University Business School.
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