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theory of internal variables
nonlinear waves
nondestructive testing of materials
numerical experiments
The activities of the research group are focusedon wave propagation in complex media and corresponding applications. In the case of directproblems, the goal is to analyse how waves ofdifferent types propagate and interact in materials with known properties. In the case of inverseproblems, the aim is to determine the propertiesof materials, the presence of defects, residualstresses, etc. making use of quantities measuredfrom physical experiments.Main research directions: Theory of continua and internal variables.Developed mathematical models takeinto account nonlinear, dispersive andtemperature effects, and multiscale of amicrostructure.‚ Solitons and solitary waves. Boussinesqtype (two-wave) models and KdV-type(one-wave) models, which describe wavesin microstructured solids and mechanicalwaves in biomembranes, are applied. Conditions for formation of solitonic solutionsare determined.‚ Numerical analysis of nonlinear wavepropagation. Fourier transform and Haarwavelets related are elaborated in order toexamine time-space behaviour of complexwave-structures.‚ Nondestructive testing of materials. Methods for determining of mechanical properties of nonhomogeneous materials and fordetection of defects in laminated objectsare developed.
Important results
Some results in 2021: In order to elucidate nonlinear phenomenaof sound generation in string instruments,oscillations of bow excited violin stringwere studied experimentally and corresponding nonlinear hysterical model forsimulating oscillations of violin stringswas worked out.‚ Activities in the field of non-destructivetesting of materials (collaboration withPRG 737) have led to the development ofpractical applications.‚ Activities in the field of non-destructivetesting of materials (collaboration withdepartment of Civil engineering and Architecture) have led to the development ofpractical applications.
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