Structural and fluids mechanics research group

Research classification (Frascati)
Head of the research group
urban water systems including drinking water, stormwater and sewage networks
flow in pipes
climate change mitigation
risk analysis
anthropogenic underwater noise
monitoring and analysis of underwater ambient sound
nondestructive testing
modeling ultrasound propagation in various materials
fluid structure interaction of deformable structures
ultimate limit strength of marine structures
analysis and simulation of maritime accidents
simulation and assessment of ships seakeeping performance
The research team works in four main researchfields:1. Modelling, planning, management and riskanalysis of urban water systems.The research is focused on optimization, planning, development, management, risk assessment and mitigation of hydraulic systems(primarily urban drainage and drinking watersystems). The research focuses on implementation and improvement of digital twins of thesystems in order to decrease the pluvial floodingrisks in urban areas.2. Research on ship and marine structures.The research focuses on the analysis of thebehavior of marine structures under ultimateand accidental loads; on the analysis of theseakeeping performance of midsize fast shipsand on the analysis interaction between fluidand deformable metallic structures. The studiesare mainly based on experimental and numerical modeling.3. Underwater acoustics research.The research focuses on analysis of the ambientunderwater sound in the Baltic Sea to assessthe contribution of anthropogenic noise and itsharmful effects on marine life.4. Non-destructive testing studies: development of experimental and numerical methods for the development of innovative technologies for the inspection and monitoring ofmodern structures (aircraft, wind turbines)and materials (composite, layered additives).
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Department of civil engineering and architecture
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