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  • journal article
    Energy efficiency and indoor climate of apartment buildings in EstoniaKõiv, Teet-Andrus; Mikola, Alo; Kuusk, KalleInternational journal of energy science2012 / p. 94-99 : ill
    journal article
  • book article
    Indoor climate of an unheated apartment and its impact on the heat consumption of adjacent apartmentsKõiv, Teet-Andrus; Hamburg, Anti; Thalfeldt, Martin; Fadejev, JevgeniLatest Trends in Sustainable and Green Development : Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Urban Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability, Green Development, Green Structures and Clean Cars (USCUDAR '12) : Barcelona, Spain, October 17-19, 20122012 / p. 52-57 : ill
    book article
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