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asymmetric synthesis
cascade reactions
halogen-bond catalysis
enzymatic catalysis
The main research object of the group is asymmetric organic synthesis. The research includesa total synthesis of bioactive compounds and specific investigations of cascade and catalytic reactions. Studies of asymmetric organocatalytic reactions are of importance. Aminocatalysis basedon covalently bound compounds, hydrogen-bondand halogen-bond catalysis based on noncovalentinteractions, enzymatic and co-operative catalysis are the main topics. Several reactions underthe study are cascade reactions providing severalnew chemical bonds in one step. It increasesatom-efficiency, decreases the number of stepsneeded and makes the whole process environmentally more benign (the number of work-upsteps and amount of solvent is diminished). Thesynthesis is supported by spectroscopic andcrystallographic experiments, chromatographyand quantum chemical calculations.The characteristic feature of the research is theapplication of the principles of sustainable andgreen chemistry in asymmetric synthesis.
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Department of chemistry and biotechnology
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