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activation energies
CCS and CCU (inc. Oxyfuel)
Moving toward zero carbon emissions is anultimate goal for energy technology. The groupintends to tackle the problem by studying thepossibilities of oxy-fuel co-combustion of oil shale(OS) and biomass in circulating fluidized bed(CFB) boiler. Further, utilization of the remaining Ca-rich ash as a bed material for binding CO2(also SOx and NOx) in fluidized bed combustion ofbiomass for achieving negative carbon emissionsin biomass combustion will be studied. Lab-scaleup to semi- industrial scale experiments will becarried out to investigate the combustion processparameters to achieve this.In addition, the group deals with better characterization of fly ash, in order to enable moreeffective use of the ash that is formed underoxyfuel combustion conditions. The “organic andin-organic” (carbon) portion of the ash is the keyto success in many new utilization schemes.A broad-based scientific investigation of theform, sorptive properties and behaviour of theinorganic/organic material in ash samples is carried out in order to help identify new commercialopportunities.The accredited laboratory group provides accredited sample analyses for various customers.
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