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Kachalova, Nataliia
sustainable chemicals and formulations
biomass valorization
medicinal chemistry
chemical decontamination
green&sustainable chemistry
antiviral/antibacterial formulations
functional surfactant self-assembly
Our research activities are focused on designing novel, efficient, safe, and more environmentally benign chemicals and formulations. The team succeeds and develops the research lines and good practices of the ERA Chair of Excellence (Green Chemistry) since 2019• Organic chemistry application includes development of cleaner organic synthesis methods to obtains small molecules and functional materials for biomedical or environmental applications. • Biodegradability facility (OECD 301D CBT) has been installed and used by the team to identify low toxicity or mineralizable transformation products, targeting “benign-by-design” approach. The CBT facility is an integral part of the Bioceb Erasmus Master students’ laboratory-based training.• Biomass valorisation is resulted in chemical approaches for lignin modification (with Dr. Tiit Lukk under the umrella of the Wood Chemistry group). • Risk management of technogenic accidents includes improvement of (i) antidotal and decontamination formulations for sustainability kits needed for the first responders and volunteers (NATO SPS MYP Project Coordinated with the teams from France (IMRCP) and Algeria(UMBB)); (ii) disinfectant formulations and coatings to inactivate hospital-acquired infections or viruses on surfaces; composite of POM/PLA self-disinfecting films developed at TRL4 and recommended for further product development. • Medicinal chemistry research includes rational design of antidotes (reactivators of AChE inhibited by organophosphores compounds) and potential anticancer agents (PARP and VEGFR inhibitors). Innovative formulations for drug delivery involve functionalized nanodiamonds and sustainable micro/nanoemulsions.
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