Big data in social sciences

Research classification (Frascati)
Head of the research group
big data and social datafication
(digital) social transformations
spatial mobility
social science methods and methodologies
The research group focuses mainly on basicresearch in the field of social datafication andrelated social transformations, combining methodologically computational social sciences andcritical data studies. In addition to publishinghigh-level scientific publications, the researchteam has been active in transferring knowledgeto society, participating in numerous implementation projects (i.e., through Joint ResearchCenter, European Commission). The team hasbeen actively involved in creating the MobilityData Infrastructure in Estonia (IMO). Prof.Masso is active on the board of the EstonianSociological Association and one of the initiatorsof Thematic Group 10 Digital Sociology at theInternational Sociological Association.
Important results
The research group has initiated establishingEye-Tracking Lab for conducting experimental studies at the School of Business and Governance and assessing the social, economic andlegal effects of data technologies (data, algorithms, artificial intelligence).
Period of activity of the research group