Synthetic flow chemistry group

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organic synthesis
flow chemistry
asymmetric catalysis
The research in the group is focused on thedevelopment of new electro- and photochemicaltransformation in continuous-flow. Our researchis multidisciplinary, as we combine modernorganic synthesis techniques with chemicalengineering in order to achieve high efficiencyand sustainability. In electro- and photochemical reactions, electricity or light are used as traceless and green reagents to generate highlyreactive species under mild reaction conditions,which gives access to the new reaction pathways.Moreover, the potential to harvest sustainableelectricity from solar or wind energy and usingdaylight directly to perform reactions makeselectro- and photochemistry highly attractive.In our group, we perform such transformationnot in conventional chemical flask or test tubes,but in specially designed flow photo- and electromicroreactors, where solution of chemicals iscontinuously pumped through the active reactorzone. Due to the continuous nature of the process, such transformations are easy to scale upmerging the gap between academia and chemical industry.
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