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water resources
climate changes
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This is an interdisciplinary research group,where engineers, hydrologists, water chemistsand other specialists from both water and environmental engineering participate. Research isdeveloped in the following directions:‚ Sustainable management of water resources and water quality. Hydrologicalstudies of rivers from engineering viewpoint. Climate change and its impact onthe quantity and quality of water. Floodsand draughts.‚ Studies on pressures having impact onwater quality. Regularities in water quality formation in both natural conditionsas well as under various anthropogenicimpacts.‚ Studies in the field of riverine pollutionloads. Water protection measures. Innovative methods of water monitoring(automatic systems for water monitoring).Studies on diffuse pollution and mitigationthereof.‚ Urban water supply (domestic water) andsewage systems (sewerage, wastewater,stormwater), including pipelines outsidebuildings, internal pipelines in buildings,treatment facilities, engineering solutionsand technologies, studies for improvingdesign and construction. Pharmaceuticalresidues and heavy metals in municipalwastewater and sludge, as well as elaboration of relevant treatment technologies.‚ Waste management. Waste utilisation.Treatment technologies for landfill leachate water, engineering solutions. Investigation of the possibilities of productionof biogas from biodegradable waste andby-products of the processing industry.
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