Laboratory of inorganic materials

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oil shale ash
precipitated calcium carbonate
thermal analysis
The activities of the laboratory are focused onthree priority directions both globally and in thekey of Estonian future:‚ Expanding the resource base of criticalraw materials with basic and appliedresearch for the development of new sustainable methods for the valorisation ofEstonian phosphorite and associated minerals (graptoliteargillite) – for the selectiveseparation of valuable components such asphosphorus, vanadium and rare earths;‚ Reducing greenhouse gas emissions whichis one of the key objectives of the green turn, including development of chemicaltechnological bases of accelerated carbonation processes for alkaline industrialwastes (oil shale ash, clinker dust) as wellas oxy-fuel combustion of fuels as a promising method for CO2 capture. The possibleapplications are aimed to make construction materials together with simultaneousbinding of CO2;‚ Applied research to reuse oil shale ashfor the production of a valuable product– precipitated calcium carbonate – on anindustrial scale with the possibly completeutilization of the generated residues.
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