Research group on modelling and remote sensing of marine dynamics

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atmospheric boundary layer dynamics
The research team is conducting oceanographic process research based on scientific analysis to find cause-and-effect relationships. Innovative(operational) methods for monitoring the marine environment and analyzing changes are being developed, incl. weather forecasting and climate models applied to supercomputers, to elucidate the mechanisms of atmospheric and ocean interactions; and machine learning based algorithms for satellite image processing and model data analysis. The research group has a long experience in developing applications/methods of operational oceanography, the outputs of which are information provided to the public and public authorities on water level variability, ice conditions and other parameters of marine physics.The research group is making a significant contribution to the pan-European Copernicus program. In scientific process research and applied research, the strength of the research team is the use of big data (mass processing) for climate studies and statistical analysis of the properties of the marine environment, as well as for finding dynamic relationships.
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