Entrepreneurship research group

Research classification (Frascati)
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entrepreneurship education
entrepreneurial competencies
entrepreneurial growth
knowledge management
internationalization of entrepreneurial firms
rural entrepreneurship
innovation management
entrepreneurial ecosystem
social entrepreneurship
born globals
university ecosystem
The Entrepreneurship research group bringstogether academic scholars from diverse backgrounds to investigate how new as well as established entrepreneurial organizations developand apply their entrepreneurial competenciesand organizational knowledge in their quest toexploit present and future business opportunitiesin a sustainable way.The purpose of the Entrepreneurship researchgroup is to extend the scientific body of knowledgeconcerning the broad field of entrepreneurship– in the fields of entrepreneurship education, internationalization of entrepreneurial firm,knowledge management, and innovation management in particular – and to contribute topractice. The group’s interest is in investigatinghow entrepreneurial organizations or individualactors transform their skills and capacities intoinnovative outputs to contribute to sustainable(business) development.Given the relevance of entrepreneurship for Estonia, the Baltic region, and the European Union,research efforts regarding entrepreneurshipeducation aim at increasing the employabilityof graduates in the labour market but also atincreasing entrepreneurship and new venturecreation, thus developing entrepreneurial mindsets and competencies among broader sections ofpopulations and facilitating and strengtheningentrepreneurial ecosystems.Research undertaken in the group takes differentlenses, uses different research methods, analysesdifferent types of entrepreneurial organizationsand individuals (younger generations in particular) and explores entrepreneurship-related topicsin different countries.
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