Brain bioelectrical signals research group

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Medical engineering 2.6
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brain disorders
The research group is experienced in the interdisciplinary area of information technology and brain physiology. The studies are aimed to detect and interpret the features in the brain electroencephalography (EEG) signal characteristic for mental disorder, occupational and/or environmental stressors comprising the advanced methods of signal analysis and the knowledge about brain neuronal activity. An original Spectral Asymmetry Index (SASI) has been developed and proved as a promising method in various applications.
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By applying EEG-based objective measures it is feasible to indicate early symptoms of depression; Decreased small-world organization of a brain network is compensated with increased alpha connectivity; Long-term temporal variability of SASI for a person is much lower than inter-individual variability, supporting the possibility of using SASI for evaluation of depression symptoms for an individual.
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