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The main research activities are related toelectric power supply quality (voltage quality,including voltage level and voltage waveformparameters, their influences and optimization;alternating voltage/current measurements andmeasurement data processing; investigation forinfluence of the voltage quality on the operationof devices and systems, etc.) and electromagneticcompatibility (EMC) (mutual electromagneticinfluence of devices and systems, electromagnetic emission and immunity; wideband EM-fieldmeasurement and evaluation; influence of EMnoise on the operation of devices and systems,etc.).In the field of electric power quality, challengesarise from the upcoming EU energy regulations,laying down requirements that can be achievedthrough higher amount of power electric converters related to small-power generation unitsincluding photovoltaic panels, small-power windand other renewable producers. In order toachieve this, an investigation has to be carriedout for the limits and capabilities of a publicdistribution network for operation without inadvertent violations of the voltage quality. The topics are closely related to both the fields of powerquality (requirements to voltage quality andoverload avoidance) and of EMC (requirementsfor devices and/or enforcement of the networkagainst voltage degradation).In the topics of EMC the research is targeted atconditions on how to combine different technologies in the same power supply grid (for example,power line communication and devices in thenetwork), how to guarantee the complianceof specific electric and electronic products tothe EU EMC and low voltage directives. Theresearch group has equipment in the EMClaboratory, which also provides capabilities totest the products prior to their market release.The EMC laboratory can also provide services tothe innovative electric and electronic industry,supporting faster development and market entry of their products.
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