Instrumental analysis

Research classification (Frascati)
separation methods
ionic liquids
deep eutectic solvents
banned chemicals
The members of the group have competence indevelopment of analytical methods and procedures and use of these in analysis of differentcompounds and mixtures in complicated matrices. The group has good specialists in separationmethods: gas and liquid chromatography andespecially in capillary electrophoresis where theyuse a wide variety of detectors: electrical, opticaland mass spectrometrical. The group has alsocompetence and means for supercritical extraction for a wide range of extraction parameters.The group has provided recognised results ondevelopment of porous materials – aerogels andthese have been taken into use as adsorbents inanalytical separation and catalysts in electrochemistry and water purification.The aim of the present research is developmentand application of a variety of analytical methodologies (primarily capillary electrophoresis)for analysis of different classes of compounds(banned chemicals, drugs, polyphenols, fermentable sugars) in complex matrixes such asenvironmental samples, body fluids, biomass andherbal extracts. The results obtained will be usedto develop an expert system using quantitativestructure-activity relationship (QSAR).Miniaturization of capillary electrophoresis apparatus is an important feature, which providesan opportunity to perform on-site analyzes.
Important results
Most important part of the research was connected to the development and evaluation ofan automatic portable capillary electrophoresisinstrument, prototype II of Narcotester (DrugHunter). The CE system was coupled to UVCfluorescence detector providing 225–255 nmexitation wavelength range for the determination of the abuse of illegal drugs in oral fluid insitu. This portable Narcotester was employed fordetermination of natively fluorescensing drugs,such as cocaine, cocaethylene, seven amphetamines, fentanyl, LSD, tetrahydrocannabinol andcannabidiol. Based on this portable apparatus,several electrophoretic methodologies were developed, validated and successfully utilized forthe determination of illegal abuse of drugs duringmusic festivals in Estonia and Latvia.
Period of activity of the research group
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