Laboratory of photovoltaic materials

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semiconductor material synthesis
2D materials
defect structure
optoelectronic properties
PEC structure
The main field of research of the Laboratory isthe synthesis and the design of the electrical, optical properties and defect structure of semiconductor materials for next-generation solar cells.In 2021, the research was focused on the following:‚ Modification of the CZTS/CdS interfacein order to reduce surface recombination.Kesterite compounds were also tested forwater splitting applications.‚ Development of synthesis conditions forsingle-phase pyrite microcrystals withthe scope to implement this technology inthe future European Space Agency’s lunarsettlement.‚ Development of tetrahedrite micro-crystals synthesize by molten salt method inCdI2 and LiI and photo-electrochemicalcharacterization.‚ Development of Zn(O,Se) functional layersby PLD technique as buffer layer for CIGSesolar cell structures. Vitreous Ga2Te3 thinfilms obtained by PLD for structural, optical and phase-change studies.‚ Detailed study of free exciton and biexcitonemissions in Sb2Se3 microcrystals.
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