Asymmetric oxidation

Research classification (Frascati)
asymmetric chemical analysis and catalysis
synthesis of bioactive and nature compounds
The research is closely related to the topic of theCenter of Excellence in Molecular Cell Technology (CEMCE).The research is mainly focused on the followingtopics:‚ Selective alkylation of phenols and naphthols. Alkyl-substituted Li-phenolatesand naphtholates have been shown toreact with alkyl bromides in aqueous media to give o- and p-substituted phenolsand naphthols in an organic solvent toselectively give ortho-alkylated products.Alkylation of 1- and 2- naphthols in ananhydrous medium provides the optionalpossibility to obtain only one of the possible isomers.‚ Synthesis of 9,11-secosterols. A 9,11-secosterol carbon skeleton was synthesizedfrom a natural sterol using transformationwith genetically engineered whole cells. Abreakthrough in developing a total synthesis scheme was achieved. The results arein publishing process.‚ New advances of cyclopropane chemistry. Asummary of the enantioselective reactionsof chiral titanium-cyclopropane reagentsover the past 30 years were our researchers have a significant contribution.
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