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smart manufacturing
industry 4.0
digital manufacturing
The competencies of the research group are:production digitalisation, virtualisation, simulation, development of digital twins, reconfiguringmanufacturing from conventional machiningtechnologies to 3D related.
Important results
The simulation environment in virtual reality based on the principles of Industry 4.0 hasbeen developed. By exploiting the digital twin’sconcept, a new communication method has beendeveloped where industrial robot control programming does not depend on human presence.Dual-way synchronisation based on the exampleof the industrial robotic cell enables managementand control of the factory from the simulation inreal-time. The corresponding application worksfrom different smart platforms and new robotsystems and also self-driving robotic vehiclescan be managed via a digital twin. A robotic workplace design solution (methodology) was developed using the possibilities ofartificial intelligence and based on multi-criteriadecision possibilities, which take into account thecompany’s production needs and ensures successful output from the planned production system.The developed methodology is built on differentdecision algorithms and is recursive betweensteps. The decision-making methods mainly usedare a weighted sum method, different analyticalhierarchical decision-making methods, and decision models based on artificial neural networks.These listed methods have been integrated intoa knowledge-based system, the raw data are collected from implemented robot-based productioncells, experimental tests or based on simulations.
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Department of mechanical and industrial engineering
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