Mechatronics and autonomous systems centre

Head of the research group
design and control of mechatronic systems
propulsion drive
UGV and UAV simulations
machine vision applications
The research activities of the Mechatronics andAutonomous Systems Centre are focused onthe further development of mechatronics andautonomous systems. Modern vehicles (including various electric vehicles, e.g. electric cars,unmanned land and aircraft) also require energyefficiency optimization. To achieve this goal, theresearch team is working on the developmentof a number of test platforms and digital twins.In order to prolong the working life of vehiclesand reduce the risk of failure, the possibilities ofcombining real and virtual sensors with artificialintelligence are being explored.Additionally, the main focus of R&D is the development of hardware and related softwarebased on artificial intelligence for robotics andautomation control systems and the development of user interfaces for systems, sensing,and especially new machine vision applications.The emphasis is on industrial robotics and thedevelopment of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems,as well as hardware-in-the-loop simulation andtest systems.
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Department of electrical power engineering and mechatronics
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